Connecticut Gambling Awareness
Connecticut Gambling Awareness


Financial Literacy Curriculum

PGS is revisiting our “Gambling and Financial Well-Being” curriculum, originally developed by ERASE. It has been successfully used with women, elders, people in recovery and other underserved populations such as the AAPI community. For more information, contact Jeremy Wampler at PGS.

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The Simple Parenting Guide to Technology

The Simple Parenting Guide to Technology:
Practical Advice on Smartphones, Gaming and Social Media in Just 20 pages

A highly recommended guide for parents, filled with tips, techniques and sample contracts. This is the “bigger” picture of creating safety, rules and agreements that will serve parents and families well.

Youth and Financial Literacy free webinar, from our Canadian partners!

The YMCA of Greater Toronto’s Youth Gambling Awareness Program (YGAP) is proud to announce a brand new free webinar that we’ve created called: “Betting $en$e”.

This webinar will discuss the topic of budgeting, saving and credit. Additionally, it explores the financial risks and implications of gambling, dispels myths about money/credit and gambling, explores the concepts of needs vs. wants as well as odds […]