Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Ambassador Program

The AAPI Ambassadors Program is a collaborative project between DMHAS, Problem Gambling Services and Amplify (with past contributions from the Commission on Equity and Opportunity and the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling).

A pilot program to address problem gambling concerns specific to Asian American and Pacific Islander
populations based in DMHAS Region 4 was begun in 2016. As a minority population in the dominant
mainstream US culture, the AAPI face unique challenges and risk factors related to gambling. Goals of
the project include:

  • (1) the identification and training of representatives of the AAPI communities in
    Connecticut (AAPI “Ambassadors”) in gambling awareness and an evidenced-based community
    conversation model;
  • (2) technical assistance and support of the Ambassadors as they develop, plan and
    deliver a series of “community conversations” engaging their community members; and
  • (3) evaluation of the community conversations and Pilot.

Long term goals of the AAPI Ambassador Program include:

  • (1) development of an action plan for the
    replication of the AAPI in other Regions of Connecticut; and
  • (2) replication of this Ambassador model
    with other underserved populations in the state

For more information, please contact the AAPI Coordinator, Mui Mui Hin-McCormick, at