Prevention Conversations

20 Lessons Learned in 20 Years of Prevention of Problem Gambling

Originally presented at a past NCPG annual conference by Jim Wuelfing and Susan McLaughlin and updated by Susan.

20 Lessons Learned in 20 Years of Prevention of Problem Gambling

Updated from a presentation introduced at a past National Council on Problem Gambling Annual Conference by Jim Wuelfing, The New England Center, and Susan McLaughlin, Connecticut DMHAS Problem Gambling Services

The following 20 Lessons are talking […]

How to Keep Gambling Safe and Affordable for our Elders

Everyone smile and wave to the camera!  What fun to be on a bus trip to the casino!  We presume this photo op is at the beginning of the trip.  How about at the end of the day, on the way home—will there still be smiles and enthusiasm?  Let’s see if we can make […]

Selected Protective Factors Specific to Gambling

A “protective factor” is a positive attribute, condition or situation that helps support and promote health and wellness. An individual, family, community, and the larger society all have “protective factors”. A few protective factors are discussed here in relation to gambling.

Many of us had our first exposure to gambling activities as children: receiving scratch tickets in birthday cards or Christmas stockings; watching […]

A Conversation on the Evolution of Gambling in Connecticut, Women Gamblers, and Problem Gambling Services

From “Across Women’s Lifespans: How Women, Trauma and Gambling Intersect”,
The Connecticut Women’s Consortium, November 1, 2018

The State of Connecticut opened the Compulsive Gamblers’ Treatment Program in 1980, establishing the oldest, continually run, state sponsored gambling treatment program in the U.S. By 1990, the “Gambling Program” was treating a caseload of 50 gamblers, all men; white, Jewish, Italian and Catholic horse […]