Gaming Addiction and the Coronovirus

Video-Game Addiction Poised to Spread During Coronavirus Lockdown
Olga Kharif, Bloomberg News

With much of the U.S. and Europe in lockdown, video-game use has exploded.

It’s become a way for millions of quarantined people to pass the time and stay connected to others without spreading coronavirus — and health officials have applauded the idea. But for some percentage of users, the binge comes with a dark side: internet and gaming addiction.

Like problem gamblers, video-game addicts are under a number of pressures, including stress, isolation and unemployment. And they’re being encouraged to engage in the very behavior they struggle with.

“Every risk factor for gambling addition is spiking right now, and the same is true for internet and gaming addiction,” said Keith Whyte, executive director at the National Council on Problem Gambling. “There could be a wave of addiction, quite a big wave.”