Gambling in the Prison System

Presented by Robby Fuqua, LCSW
May 14, 2020
12-1 pm EST

Research shows that up to one-third of prisoner populations meet criteria for problem gambling.  Prisoners are a vulnerable population that struggle with impulsive behaviors and other identifying fallacies.  Their problems are usually linked to “quick fix” solutions to help them mentally escape the adverse environments in which they currently live.  So it’s not surprising that these difficulties may lead to the onset of problem gambling behaviors to help them cope while they are incarcerated in correctional facilities worldwide.  Learn more about this complex population and their potential relationship with problem gambling and/or gambling disorder.


  • Know three different prevalence rates associated with problem gambling in the prison system
  • Identify three overlapping risk factors of problem gambling and being incarcerated
  • Identify three reasons why problem gambling rates are higher amongst prisoners versus the general population
  • Know the two options regarding gambling policy in correctional facilities

Robby Fuqua is an experienced LCSW that has served as an EAP account manager, providing utilization reporting, consultative services, and mental health and wellness training to several companies in many different industries. As a clinical associate, Robby provided counseling services to compulsive gamblers. As the Training & Program Manager of the Responsible Gambling Department at Morneau Shepell, Robby provides training programs for clinicians to treat compulsive gambling disorder in Illinois and North Carolina. Robby also collaborated with Mississippi Council of Problem and Compulsive Gambling and the Mississippi Gaming Commission to educate casino staff across the state of Mississippi by providing Responsible Gaming training. Robby has a bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of North Texas and a Master of Social Work degree with a Mental Health Concentration from Boston College.

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