Youth Gambling & Coping Mechanisms workshop at Youth to Youth Conference

July 27, 2018 @ 12:45 pm – 2:45 pm
Youth to Youth Conference (Eastern States)
Bryant University
Cheryl Sells


School stress, relationships, sports… these things can be tough to deal with daily! Let’s avoid (-) ways of coping and focus on (+) to make a stronger YOU!

Rayallen Bergman – SERAC  Youth Program Coordinator
45 Min Workshop Breakout; 30 students max; Back-to-back presentations
(3 min) Break the ice
(5 mins) I want to help students acknowledge the difficulties they face daily (small group newsprint paper). We’ll discuss their struggles and discuss why it’s important to build up assets and supports for themselves!
(15 mins) We want to educate them on the real issues of some negative choices, (i.e.: gambling, drug use); they’ll have an understanding of problems related to youth gambling and other risky behaviors like drug use. I’ll challenge their knowledge/experience with substance use with a “guess the answer” with small groups. Candy will be provided for correct answers. This will be an engaging and interactive workshop for the students.
(15 mins) The students will be taught the protective factors and developmental assets that will build up youth to overcome obstacles in life! This will be written out and handed out to them. Evaluations will also be completed at this time.
My goal is to prepare youth with tools (leadership skills, assets, mentors, etc…), to make the best decisions in their lives; weighing short/long-term outcomes and what is needed to reach their goals! We won’t always be there to guide them, so they need the tools to make the right decision, in their own time.