A “must read” for Prevention and treatment folks!

This article is the most recent and definitive re-framing of “responsible gaming” and adds research-based support for a more robust public policy.

Ethical Gambling: A Necessary New Point of View of Gambling in Public Health Policies

“Corporate social responsibility” () or “responsible gambling” (RG) () are concepts that mediate the idea that gambling can be harmful to some gamblers, and the assumption that governments and companies can do something to mitigate the problems caused by gambling and to promote “appropriate” patterns of behavior in gamblers.

Although many governments and companies have implemented strategic plans based on models of RG, this has not served to prevent one of the major public health problems caused by gambling, which is gambling disorder. On the contrary, gambling has increased globally, the initiatives based on RG models have had little relation to the research evidence on best practices to prevent harms () and the independent gambling researchers that could improve RG initiatives are often ignored by policy makers (). For Livingstone and Woolley (), the term is limited by its lack of clear goals and terminological clarity.